What is a Local Guide?

Google local guide is a community driven program where you help people and Google by adding, modifying and reviewing places you visit or have been to. In return, you get a lot of benefits based on your contribution. Some of the benefits are – invites to meetups, summits, free Google Drive data, a badge etc.


Why do we need to be Local Guide?

As we know our Earth is very big. It is not possible for map makers to map each and every part of theĀ  Earth. Even if a man tries to map each and every part of his country then he will lose hisĀ  life before he could complete it. So for its solution , we are here. We can contribute the knowledge about the places we are familiar. We can rate, review, add missing places, add photos, check facts etc. to contribute. For the contribution we did , we get certain points and get benefits.


Local Guides Points