How to make maps of a certain area?

Instruments Required.

  1. Measuring Tape (30m)
  2. Pegs (4 No)
  • Rope


Making maps is one of the most interesting activities. It is the art of plotting the real objects into the paper fixed into certain scale.

This is one of the easiest method as we need to have knowledge of measuring tape only and it is cheapest because measuring tape doesn’t cost more.


So, in order to make map of an area the following steps should be followed.

Step 1:- Make a field visit of the area where you have to make the maps.

Step 2:- Fix four pegs in the four different positions and give name to the 4 pegs i.e. A, B, C, D.

Step 3:- Measure the Distance between all the two pegs i.e. measure the length of AB, BC, CD, DA, AC and BD. Make the rough sketch of the point on a paper.

Step 4:- Find the diagonal of longest length (Diagonal of Longest length is known as Main Survey Line). Tie a rope between the two pegs of Main Survey Lines

Here BD is Main Survey Line

Step 5:- Now measure the perpendicular distance of the real objects to the main survey line. Make the rough sketch on the paper.

(How to measure the perpendicular length? Answer: – As we know the perpendicular has the shortest length. So we have to place starting point of the measuring tape on the object and run to the survey line. Now place the measuring tape on the survey line. Take the measurements by placing the tape on the different position of survey line. Find the measurement with lowest value of length. As stated above, the length with lowest value is the perpendicular distance.)

Step 6:- Also measure the distance of the main survey line from the end D.

Step 7:- Repeat the step 5 and step 6 till you take the perpendicular distances of all the objects in the area.

Step 8:- Now its time to make layout of the maps in fair paper such that the real objects are represented by the symbols reduced by certain scale. Draw the lines AB, BC, CD, DE and the longest length. Plot the other elements of the maps.




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